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Dog Chewing – Health Benefits & Importance


Why is Chewing Important and Beneficial for Dogs? 

Chewing is a completely natural activity of dogs throughout their lives. Most of us can relate to those little land-sharks (aka puppies) trying to ease their teething pain by chomping on our furniture, leather shoes or our hands. Most dog owners buy several toys and chews to help their pups through this stage, which lasts a couple of months. However, encouraging your dog to chew shouldn’t be limited to the teething phase as regular chewing has plenty of benefits, they just need a helping hand to direct them to what is perfectly ok to chew! 

Benefits of chewing

• Relieves teething pain

• Reduces boredom 

• Reduces anxiety & frustration 

• Provides mental stimulation 

• Prevents destructive behaviour 

• Removes plaques and tartar from the teeth 

• Keeps jaws strong & healthy preventing gum disease 

• Keeps away bad breath 

• Burns excess energy 

• Helps puppies explore the world 

Chewing is often regarded as a negative behaviour due to its potentially destructive nature. However, as the list above shows it’s everything but negative! The important thing to bear in mind is to re-direct that behaviour to safe and enjoyable chews. 

Health Benefits of Regular Dog Chewing. 

Ensure to select chews wisely! –  Before purchasing any chews (including natural edible chews or toys), it is important that you consider the size of your dog, their chewing habits, bite strength and of course what he/she likes to chew on. You want to get something safe and enjoyable for your dog. 


Please don’t forget the important information:

 • Any chews or even toys can cause choking or blockages, therefore it is essential to always supervise your dog, whilst she/he is having a good chew. 

•NO dog toy is indestructible and if you have a vigorous chewer you might be better off keeping away from toys and opt for natural chews instead 

• Don’t give fresh bones too often as they can cause constipation OR in some dogs it can cause diarrhoea • When it comes to bones, choose raw or air-dried and not cooked or roasted as those can splinter puncturing the oesophagus, stomach or intestines. Check to see if Beef knuckle or shin bones are roasted when you purchase them as this is very common! 

You will find Safe and long-lasting dog chews here at countryside pets: 

• BEEF TRACHEA- Long lasting and high in protein but low in fat. they are easy to digest and can be given from 12 weeks and even to senior dogs who still love a good chew!

• CAMEL SKIN/ VENISON SKIN – long lasting and low-odour chew, full of natural protein, with no preservatives. 

• PORK RIND BARS – long-lasting, excellent dental chews which are loved by even the fussiest dogs.                    

 • DEER LEGS – Deer legs are excellent, long-lasting chews for dogs. Deer legs are suitable for dogs with sensitivities or allergies as they are hypoallergenic treats.                                                                                              

 • PIG EARS – All dogs love pig ears and these will keep your dog entertained for a while. Our Other Porky Delights are a good alternative if you want smaller chews for your dogs, these are small ears and pork snouts.